Compassionate Care, Comfortable Cushions

Care and comfort are more than just concepts – they're the foundation of our work. Our journey started with a simple belief: that everyone deserves comfort and empathy in vulnerable moments. We're here to make that belief real, one heart-shaped cushion at a time.


Our story is about crafting comfort solutions that extend a helping hand, offer a warm embrace, and provide solace. We understand that the road to healing is not always easy, and that's why we're dedicated to making it gentler.

From the moment you step into our world, you'll discover a passion for compassion that runs deep in every thread and fiber of our work. It's a passion that has driven us to create innovative solutions that offer a genuine connection and a sense of understanding.

So whether you're a patient, a healthcare worker, or someone at home seeking relief from chronic pain, welcome to Spongies.

meet the founder
From MRI Technologist to Entrepreneur
Katherine Stokes

I’m Katherine Stokes, the founder of Spongies Comfort, which specializes in practical and effective non-invasive ergonomic pillows designed for pain relief. With 20 years of experience as an MRI technologist, I personally recognized the need for comfort during medical procedures and set out to create a more innovative solution. Combining my intuitive understanding of people's needs with an appreciation for aesthetics, I successfully crafted the Spongies products to be both functional and visually appealing. My focus on relieving discomfort has had a significant impact on people's lives and I truly enjoy being able to offer simple, yet effective solutions that combine my passion for helping others with my love for creativity and critical thinking.

"Spongie's cushions transformed my medical experience. The comfort and support are unparalleled!"
Innovative Comfort Solutions

Elevate patient experiences with our heart-shaped cushions, designed to provide unparalleled comfort during medical exams and recovery.

Endorsed by Healthcare Professionals

Trusted by leading doctors, nurses, and technicians nationwide for their effectiveness and quality in enhancing patient care.

Quality That Endures

Embrace cushions crafted to withstand the test of time, supported by a three-year guarantee with proper care and handling.

Discover the Block
The Block

Experience comfort and relief with The Block. Perfect for post-surgery recovery, shoulder pain relief, and improved blood flow post injury. Discover Spongie's unique cushions and transform your journey to wellness.

Elevate Your Comfort and Wellbeing
The Wedge

The Wedge cushion offers an innovative solution to alleviate lower back pain, enhance spinal alignment, and improve overall comfort. Your trusted companion for better posture and relief. Experience the difference and make every moment of your day more comfortable.

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Explore our range of heart-shaped cushions and discover a new level of care and relief. Transform your moments of vulnerability into moments of comfort with Spongies.