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"As an RN, I see The Heart from Spongies fulfilling three key criteria for a medical product: patient comfort, functionality, and cleanability. Patients adore the comfort and support it provides for their arms during blood draws or IV insertions. The Heart's compact design perfectly supports upper arms, forearms, or wrists during IV starts or blood draws. This product is not only cute but also made with medical-grade materials, ensuring durability even with frequent sanitization. I wholeheartedly recommend The Heart to every medical professional who needs to stabilize arms or limbs."


Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner

"I was pleasantly surprised by how much the support cushion improved my venipuncture exam. The cushion's contour perfectly fit under my arm, delivering optimal support while minimizing any movement. This stability made it easier for the phlebotomist to locate and access my vein, resulting in a smoother and less painful procedure. I highly recommend this cushion to anyone seeking a more comfortable and efficient venipuncture experience."



"This heart-shaped pillow was a true blessing during my recent series of challenging medical exams. It provided not only the physical comfort and support I needed during long hours of testing but also served as a constant reminder of love and encouragement. It brightened my spirits during a difficult time."



"Spongies Comfort hearts are a nurse's best friend. Patients love them, and they are the most helpful armrest you will ever use for IV placement! My IV success rate went up when I started using these amazing hearts! Patients love them so much they ask to keep them after I've finished the IV!"


Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner

"Love the Hearts! Thoughtful, innovative, super smart. Really comforted me while receiving my IV for contrast before my MRI."



"The heart-shaped pillow was more than just a pillow to me; it was a symbol of hope and resilience. Throughout my medical exams, it provided me with a sense of comfort and strength. Its softness and perfect shape made it ideal for hugging during moments of stress and anxiety. It played a significant role in keeping my spirits up during a challenging time."



"Spongies heart is a thoughtful and hygienic solution for IV procedures. It puts patients at ease, knowing that their arm is supported by the heart itself. It's perfectly measured and designed to fit all arm sizes and diameters. It provides support and anchors the arm during venipuncture, essential for the procedure. The heart's height ensures patients' arms feel neither strained nor unsupported.”



"I hate having blood drawn because it's hard for the lab technician to find my veins. During a recent MRI visit, I was pleasantly surprised when the technician brought out 'The Heart' by Spongies. It cushioned and elevated my arm for a precise incision that was quick and comfortable. Being poked with a needle is a must-do when it comes to our health, and having a Spongies eases the process. Now, my Spongies travels with me whenever it's lab time!”



“I’m never sure exactly what position I should have my arm in after receiving an IV. This simple cushion made it easy and eliminated any confusion. It is comfortable and allowed me to relax for the duration of my exams. Thank you!”



"I travel to assisted living facilities for PICC lines, and The Heart is the only product that helps me get the job done. Patients always comment on how cute that heart is! I don't start working until The Heart is in my hand; it's such a valuable tool for nurses. Thank you for creating Spongies!"


Registered Nurse

"As a doctor, I perform numerous venipuncture procedures daily, and enhancing patient comfort is a priority. The venipuncture medical pillow has been an excellent addition to our practice. The Heart's ergonomic design is remarkable, providing exceptional support to patients' arms, minimizing discomfort during the procedure. This stability improves vein visibility and accessibility, allowing for quick and accurate blood draws. The pillow's soft padding ensures patient comfort and prevents pressure points or nerve compression. Its versatility, adaptability, and durability make it indispensable. Since incorporating this pillow, the overall experience for patients and practitioners has improved significantly. I wholeheartedly endorse it."

Dr. Chan

Attending Physician

"I had the pleasure of using The Heart by Spongies Comfort during my recent venipuncture exam, and it made a world of difference. The cushion provided excellent support and elevation for my arm, allowing for a more comfortable and stable position during the procedure. It relieved any strain or pressure on my arm, and I felt a significant reduction



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