Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can benefit from Spongie's cushions?

Spongie's cushions cater to a wide range of individuals, including patients enduring medical exams, healthcare workers looking to enhance patient care, and people at home recovering from surgery or living with chronic pain.

What sets Spongie's cushions apart from others on the market?

Spongie's heart-shaped cushions are not just about physical relief; they embody care and compassion. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, our cushions combine innovation, quality, and thoughtfulness to ensure your utmost comfort.

How do I clean and maintain Spongie's cushions?

We understand the importance of hygiene, especially in medical environments. Our cushions are designed with easy-to-clean, antimicrobial medical grade coating and can withstand any disinfecting cleaners. Simply follow the care instructions provided, and your Spongie cushion will remain fresh and ready for use.

What are the materials used in Spongie's Cushions?

Nontoxic polyurethane foam with performix coating:

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